His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to his eternal purpose which he accomplished in Jesus Christ our Lord.    
                                                                                                                      -- Ephesians 3.10-11
His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to his eternal purpose which he accomplished in Jesus Christ our Lord.    
                                                                                                                      -- Ephesians 3.10-11
Connie J. Cartisano

Abalone – office headquarters for the Ministry of Ra’Ma

Abel’s Field – the place where Cain killed Abel; also a transdimensional portal

Angelform – the angel equivalent of a body

Array, The – the gathering of angels around the throne, a panoramic refraction of the king’s being, like the spectrum of light refracted by a prism

Awshaath – a form of angel grooming in which the king periodically examines and adjusts an angel’s presentation of truth so that non-core speles have no chance to distort the angel’s integrity

Bioform – physical component of a biospirit creature, the body

Biospirit – a personal being, crafted by fusing an identity flash capsule with biophysical material making it capable of both spiritual and physical function; i.e., human

Cadet – a student angel at the University of Mishkan; First, Second or Third based on term of study at Ra’Ma Institute, Mela’Kah Academy or DeKei College respectively

Caverns, The – an abandoned prison deep beneath Obsidian; reopened by DeKei and converted for use as a correctional facility

Cegu’Lah – literally, a treasured possession; the new kind of being the king’s biospirit research aims to create

Cehne Shen – literally, crown of thorns. Viewed from below, a vicious outcropping that looks like a ring of thorn-shaped spikes clustered in a half-circle near the top of the Heights

Cherubim – members of the army of Mishkan

Coop – place where angel fledges are raised until they enter the University of Heaven; productive units of the kingdom economy

Crystal Sea – the sea at the base of the cliff below Mishkan Zion

Crystals – brittle moral filaments produced by acts of the biospirit which do not conform to the king’s nature, or are not consistent with the his will

Deke – angels who work in the Ministry of DeKei

DeKei – literally, righteousness; Mishkan government ministry involving justice and social order, under the leadership of Lucifer

Dema’Mah – literally, calm, as when a storm is quieted; a network of speles transformed by passing through the will of personal beings and forming a barrier between that reality which is able to tolerate the lamlight of the king’s presence and that reality which is not able to tolerate lamlight

Demametry – the measurement and study of the Dema’Mah

Demametric Grid – a grid set up and monitored to identify fluctuations in the Dema’Mah in order to prevent breaches

Diamond – office headquarters for the Ministry of Mela’Kah

Eden – garden location where the living exhibit intersects the Well of the Rock, thus having features of both the supernatural and natural dimensions

Eirenes – gentle, sturdy angels from the peace sector of the Array

Eschons – the strongest angels from the power sector of the Array

Esh Natsal – the Na’Saw candidate, or anyone undergoing a purification ritual

Farm, The – Prio Thane’s nickname for the Separation Facility where numoforms are removed from bioform corpses; located at the transdimensional boundary between the living exhibit and the subnatural realm

Fibers – supple moral filaments produced by acts of the biospirit which are consistent with the king’s nature

Flash Capsule – a type of keepsake invented by Numo to capture and preserve an interaction between A’Ba and Beeba

Fledge – a new angel that has not yet begun to study at the University of Mishkan

Formula KGE – literally, the knowledge of good and evil; an enzyme-type agent required for optimum heptic function that differentiates between acts of the will to determine if they will produce fibrous or crystalline spiroteins; required to calibrate biospirit conscience

Formula L – literally, life; a fixative agent that permanently binds the numoform to the bioform

Heights of Mishkan – also, The Heights; unexplored mountains above the plateau on which Mishkan Zion sits

Heptic System – in the numoform, a network of faculties responsible for spiritual perception, including spiritual hearing, spiritual sight, and so forth

Hoplons – angels assigned to assist at the separation facility

Kehu’Nah – intermediary or priest; priesthood

Khereb – everyday dagger assigned to each Second Cadet, transforms through use over time into the implement of an angel’s craft

Khereb-Jah – the king’s sword

Knowing, The – the king’s self-awareness expanded to include the resonance of all derived personal being with his own

Lamlight – the atmosphere and illumination of the kingdom of Mishkan, composed of the elements of Mehu Pi’s being (speles) so that it is in fact Mehu Pi’s raw being

Living Exhibit – the physical universe of time and space located in the Museum of Natural History wherein the king is carrying out his biospirit research

Magen – shield used by cherubim

Manifold Plan, The – the plan of the triune king to expand the Knowing by extracting a portion of his being and converting it to knowable reality, including personal beings capable of apprehending his nature – Ephesians 3:10

Mela’Kah – literally, royal; Mishkan government ministry involving public works and kingdom security, under the leadership of Michael

Mishkan – literally, dwelling place; the territory of Mehu Pi’s kingdom, the word means heaven in their own tongue

Mishkani – language of the kingdom of Mishkan

Mishkan Zion – capital city of the kingdom of Mishkan

Naofeitos – enemies of the king see also Unmades

Natar – an angel assigned to watch over a biospirit

Na’Saw – a purification ritual required for cadets to graduate from the University of Mishkan and enter the service of the king

Numoform – spiritual component of a biospirit creature, the spirit and soul

Numogenesis – the process of building a numoform from the moral filaments left over from the making of spiroteins

Obsidian – office headquarters for the Ministry of DeKei

Perfidium – Prio Thane’s residence

Pneumasome – the numoform equivalent of an organelle where spirogenesis takes place and spiroteins are made

Qedem – territorial region of the living exhibit in which the majority of the king’s research takes place, including Eden, Abel’s Field

Ra’Ma – literally, utterance; Mishkan government ministry involving communication and technology, under the leadership of Gabriel

Satan – literally, accuser; the one who presents the case against the candidate undergoing the Na’Saw

Scriveners – record keeping angels

Sodezo Arena – training area for the cherubim

Soul Stone – the condensed numoform of biospirits once the bioform expires and is separated from it

Spele – spiritual elements of personal truth, particulates of lamlight; fragments of the king’s nature on which the physical constructs of atoms is based

Spirogenesis – the spiritual process which creates acts (thoughts, words, deeds) called spiroteins

Spirotein – moral fibers, the building blocks of the numoform, much as molecular proteins are the building blocks of the bioform

Ssar – the head of each regency board supervising a territory in the living exhibit and its population of biospirits

Tabernacle of the Rock – the king’s residence, located in the center of downtown Mishkan Zion

Ta’Mheem – a biospirit rite of passage; preparation for this rite is trial by ordeal

Tarabaishu – subnatural realm, abode of the unmades

Teh-Hoome – seven-tiered waterfall descending from the Heights, fed by a geyser that brings water up from the depths of the created realm

The Rock – the central mount of the city of Mishkan Zion, the top of which has been sculpted to form the Tabernacle of the King

Thousand Hills – foothills between the Zion Steppe and the Heights

Triad – set of three angels—one watcher, one speaker, one thinker—crafted simultaneously and linked by their coordinates in the Array

Vivarium Prism – the king’s personal quarters at the top of the Tabernacle; the source of

Unmades – literally, not created; the inverses of what is created; defined and knowable only as the absence of their counterpart, e.g., cold is absence of heat, evil is absence of good; impersonal beings driven by an impossible desire to become knowable personal beings; the king’s sworn enemies; see also, Naofeitos

Well of the Rock – an inter-dimensional passageway that transects Mishkan from the subnatural realm of Tarabaishu to the Tabernacle of the Rock

Wordle – literally, word of the Lord: a combination of speles that conveys something to biospirits about the nature and/or purposes of the king; specifically any of three types: blessing, command, promise

Yachidim – a nation of specially-crafted biospirits with whom the king will interact in the living exhibit, whose role is to condition the living exhibit to withstand the antidote-making process

Yobale – a rudimentary megaphone

Zeteo – the Satan’s counterpart in the Na’Saw ordeal, the zeteo identifies faults in personal being that must be corrected before the angel is fit to serve Mishkan

Zion Steppe – plateau on which Mishkan Zion sits